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Get Rid of Damaging Roof Mold

Mold and algae can damage your roof over time. Our service helps extend its lifespan, saving you money on costly repairs in the long run, and makes your roof look like-new again.

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Black Algae - Gloeocapsa magma

Black Algae is the common mold referred to as roof mold.


Black Streaks (Happen First)


The black streaks you see on a roof are mold or fungus. These bacteria grow due to photosynthesis and the limestone filler in shingles.


North and East


If you have roof mold, you'll notice it is most prevalent on the north and east sides of your roof. This is because the bacteria enjoys the cool and moist environment on those sides of the roof.



Algae and Moss


Algae and moss can also grow on your roof. These growths can cause damage to your roof as they retain moisture.

Removing mold, algae, and or moss is not a simple process. It requires knowledge and the proper materials for successful removal without damaging your roof.


Airborne Spores


 Mold and fungus can be spread through the air. This means if your roof has mold or fungus, then your neighbors roof could be a landing spot for these bacteria.

Did you know insurance companies are canceling polices due to roof mold? It's true, take a look at the videos below.

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Our Process

A stained roof can make your entire house look unappealing but Pressure Pro Power Washing can make it look like new in just a few hours, and keep it that way for several years. The soft wash process is approved by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers' Association. The soft wash process can clean virtually any type of roof, including asphalt, tile, slate, metal and cedar.


Our technicians will perform a complete visual inspection of your roof's exterior. They'll notify you of any visible structural issues and photograph them for your records.


Before the full application, we'll apply a coat of cleaner to the most severely stained areas of your roof. This gives the cleaner additional time to work where it's needed most before we apply the full application.

Clean & Restore

Next, we'll apply a generous coat of cleaner to your entire roof. An even coat will ensure that every inch of your roof's surface gets cleaned. During this stage, 99.9% of existing algae and bacteria will be removed from your roof.

Introducing the All New 10 Year
Written Warranty for Roof Mold Removal


We Offer a 10 Year and 3 Year Warranty

The 10 and 3 year warranties are covered if you have ALL mold removed from your roof the very first time. Let's say all sides of your roof have mold. If you only want the front side cleaned and not the back side cleaned it's a good possibility it will return before the 10 years. This is an air born mold so we have to kill ALL OF IT and not part of it. If ALL the mold is removed we can feel comfortable giving you a 10 or 3 year warranty. It works that well.

 Our written warranty is located on your receipt we give you after the roof is cleaned. Other companies or "handy man" in our area does roof mold removal by PRESSURE or CHEMICAL and they say you get a warranty but do you really? If it is a verbal warranty, you have NO WARRANTY. A warranty is only good if you have it writing.


Protect your roof for years.

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