Roof Mold Removal – Keeping Your Roof Clean Instead of Buying a New One

What Happens When Your Roof Isn’t Cleaned Regularly?

You may have seen a roof with black streaks or even green growth. These colors mean there is mold/fungus (the black streaks) or moss/algae (the green growth) on the roof.

Growths such as mold or algae actually feed on your roof. Over time the roof begins to deteriorate, taking years off the life of your roof.

If You Don’t See Growth, Now is the Time to Act

The early stages of roof algae are invisible, so don’t wait until it develops into a larger problem. Professional roofers recommend inspections every couple years for this very reason.

This is also why it’s important the entire roof is cleaned, not just areas where mold or algae is visible. Then you won’t see growth popping up in another area in time.

Roof Mold Removal Warranties

Some power washing companies offer roof mold removal warranties (ask about our 3 and 5 year warranties). This is a smart and cost effective way to ensure the health of your roof.

So instead of buying a new roof, which can be very costly, you can have it professionally cleaned to extend the life and keep it looking new.