Power Washing – Common Mistakes People Make

Using Too Much Pressure

When power washing your home, it’s important to know how much pressure to use on different surfaces. This means not only adjusting the pressure but also understanding the distance away you should stand from the surface.

Using the wrong amount of pressure can be costly. You can punch a hole in vinyl siding, splinter wood, etch concrete, and more.

Using Only Water or the Wrong Detergent

Most power wash jobs require environmentally safe cleaning detergent – just water isn’t enough. Detergent is critical for mold and mildew removal on the roof, vinyl siding, or any surface.

Power Washing in the Wrong Sequence

If your home needs the works, it’s important that power washing is done in the correct sequence. Starting with your siding or deck before the roof can lead to runoff and more cleaning.

Knowing the Equipment

There’s a lot of different power washing equipment out there. Understanding how to use equipment properly is necessary before beginning any power washing project. Diving into a project with rental or new equipment can be costly, as it may cause damage to your home.