Deck Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

We’re in the final days of summer and fall is upon us. Take a look at valuable deck maintenance and cleaning tips below:

End of Summer Deck Inspection

Now is a great time to inspect your deck while we’re still in warmer temperatures.

1.Check for rot: Check stairs and posts with a flat-blade screwdriver for any signs of rot and make replacements as needed.

2.Check the ledger:  The ledger is the area that connects to your home. Make sure the screws are properly fasted for a strong connection.

Fall Deck Cleaning and Preventative Measures

With mild temperatures, fall is a great time to clean your deck

1. Look at areas where trees are and shrubs are close to your deck. Make sure to trim any shrubs 12 inches away from you deck to prevent mold, moss, and rot.

2. Keep gutters in good repair to prevent water damage and rot.

3. Move items on your deck such as planters, chairs, and tables to prevent deck discoloration.

4. Have a professional power wash your deck for optimal cleaning.